Yellowstone National Park


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Sept 13 – Could’ve seriously used some Internet here, I know one is not out in nature to be in on the computer, but I’m not Grizzly Adams! Last night we got here via the West Entrance from Bozeman, a fairly uneventful drive, very beautiful, very Colorado! Okay, I fully admit that it got fairly cold last night. I thought to brave it out, you know, Chicago and all! I had four blankets, all which got thrown one way or another in the cab over the driving portion of the RV. Poor Chantel, I snore, can’t help, don’t mean to, every time I looked down at her, I would’ve swore she was asleep, but she says that I kept her awake the entire night, sorry sis! Mom, spent a miserable night due to the cold, but got up two hours after Chantel and I had breakfast cooked and the cabin straightened up. ∞ So on the road, we went north to Mammoth Hot Springs. The big attraction here is the Minerva Pools, an upwelling of hot springs that have left calcium deposit pools and drops along the way, I will try to find a professional picture of what this generally looks like and what it looks like today. DRY-AS-A-BONE!!!!  Got a report from some guys that buffalo were massing up near the northeast entrance, barely got mom to go that direction. She’s been here once before, but sometimes forgets that Chantel and I have not. Chantel wants to see Old Faithful, me, the bison ~ easy enough. Last night when we got in, we hiked over to the Madison River and saw an adult, female elk who could not have cared less that we were nearby (see slideshow). Fly fishermen are everywhere, apparently one cannot catch good fish anywhere else in the world compared to how many are here, there are more fishermen here than trees!

So the idea tomorrow is to not freeze to death tonight and to go to Old Faithful as we take the middle road out the eastern gateway on our way to Greybull, Wyoming. Mom had seen some more buffalo, close to the road, we might see some. Gonna play tourists and go gift-shopping.

Sept 14 – Didn’t freeze, met some neat and interesting people in camp.  Animals are sparse for some reason or another, except the two-legged, retired kind!  We did see Old Faithful erupt, some other travelers said it should be called “Old Tease”, as it took forever to start/stop it’s way to full eruption.  When I get a moment I’ll sew all the different eruption videos together and add a sound track, just precious little time.



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