The Fatigued End

The least part of the trip has been scrubbed due to too much time on the road, illness and general fatigue.  Someone decided to throw a golf gala in Moab during the time we were supposed to be there and due to a little date swapping, we couldn’t get acceptable accommodations, thus it was mutually  nixed.  So from Park City, we stayed over in St. George, Utah, a really gorgeous part of the country with red rock formations and a really green, high desert (due to a lot of rain that feel while we were up north, could’ve used it up in Idaho to put out all the wild fires).

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This slideshow includes pictures that didn’t really fit elsewhere or were taken on the way home.

Chloé was a good road-dog, though she didn’t get to stretch her legs as much as Chantel would’ve wanted.  She made mom laugh often though, so it was worth it.

Chris’ Last Thoughts:

  • We passed the Golden Spike Rail monument twice, but both times were unable to discern the exact exit (you wanna work on that Utah!)
  • The amount of wildlife in Yellowstone was disappointing, as there was very little.  Geysers are nice, Old Faithful is thronged by the masses who don’t know how to shut up and road construction is rampant!  Apparently the King Buffalo that kept attacking cars died in some barb-wired fencing and the alpha female of the biggest wolf pack was killed in some way that leaves the pack without a senior female (mom says wolves mate for life, I’d have to check up on that, but it does sound right).
  • Montana is a BIG state, I was partial to the western side of the state (more mountainous, with lakes and pine trees ~ the eastern side of the state looks like the land outside of El Paso, ugh!)
  • The town of Deadwood would’ve been fun to knock around in (despite the admonishments that time was fleeting for us), except that they have a little scam going ~ you have to park larger cars and RVs outside of town and take their trolley in.  Real classy Deadwood, but then again, classy was never in your vocabulary was it?
  • It was fun seeing where several of our kin had lived their lives in Polson, Montana (it’s a huge lake on the way to White Fish), very beautiful, very picturesque.
  • Sad to see that many of the smaller towns like Kalispell, MT think they want to be the next Vail or Sedona, too many tourists with boutiques instead of the traditional woodcraft and fish!
  • At the Battle of Little Bighorn NP, mom’s car got separated from us and she ended up on real Crow (Indian) land.  She recounts that there were loose dogs running all over and rampant poverty.  She was tired and only one friendly face was seen by her in the whole place (it probably didn’t help that she came rolling through in a large, black Suburban, looking like Jane Federali).
  • You can pass on Glacier NP, the Road to the Sun (overblown name), is the only road from East to West and vice versa.   It’s unfortunate that we arrived when the wind was blowing smoke into the valley from the Idaho fires.  The smoke really agitated mom, as her mother also had extreme issues with asthma.  The road work was ill-timed and probably could’ve waited one more month when the majority of tourists had left the park.  Watch out for retarded cyclists!!!!   What in the name of all that is good would cause someone to bike over a narrow, mountain road that is highly congested with cars and road work?  I probably wouldn’t have felt much if one had taken the tumble over the side, they are a menace.
  • Personally, I highly recommend a RV for those who aren’t scared to drive them, most campgrounds are fun,, clean and well-structured (especially KOA).  You meet a large section of the American populace and they have good tips a lot of the time.  Make sure you understand your hook-ups and waste pipes, very important!!!!

I will try to get some closing thoughts from my mom and sister and put them on here as well.  It will take me a bit to make a quick Flash movie, so bear with me, I will post it on FB and email those of you who I know do not use Facebook.  Love and fun, Chris/Nic


2 thoughts on “The Fatigued End

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. It was great to see your pictures and read your commentary about the trip through the West, to Big Sky country and beyond. This journal sounds like a peek into the art of family dynamics, a trip or three through history class, the pride of patriotism and the labors (and love) of traveling on wheels. Wish I could have been there, but then again – through this blog – I was there. Thank you!

  2. It was a whole big jumble of humble bumble mumble. I did enjoy traveling with mom and Chantel, yes our family dynamics do need some work, but then again, show me a perfect family… There were some times when I would’ve liked to have gone slower and seen more and other places I could’ve skipped with no problems whatsoever. I have discovered some things about myself, some things about my family and some things about some places I have never before been to. Thanks for your great comments, I truly wish you could’ve been with us, but we’d probably have scared you to death with poor family relations! 😉

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