Sept 2012 National Park Road Trip

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I welcome you all to come along with my mother (Melody), my sister (Chantel), my sister’s dog Chloé and myself on a two and a half week road adventure of the Great American old west.  We plan on watching a rodeo and going horse back riding on an authentic dude ranch, marvel at the Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore monuments.  We’ll hike through some of the mud pots in Yellowstone and maybe push a tourist or two into the steam of Old Faithful.  Join us as we gaze at the buffalo and the wild wolves and slumber in old railroad bunk houses in Glacier National Park.  We’ll meander down to Park City, Utah and hike the Fiery Furnace Trail in Arches National Park and see the beauty that is called Bryce Canyon.

I’ll be sharing photos, videos and commentary, time and Internet-permitting.  Technology hasn’t exactly arrived at all points here in the real West, so we’ll have to make due like the pioneers did.  Click here to see the day-to-day journal.

Various media will either be on its own page or via a link from this page on a particular date. 

This is my first attempt at WordPress, so thank you for your patience.



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