Fuel from CO2

I am a HUGE eco-minded person, my recycle bin is always bigger than my trash and try to find a bulb in my house that is incandescent.  I’m not perfect, nor do I get rabid about every little speck of plastic that I see wafting in the wind, but I certainly do my part to help clean up this globe!  To that end, I have found a cool website called the Mother Nature Network that has tons of great ideas.  It started out with a simple Facebook (FB) link about coloring Easter eggs without using commercial dyes that you get at the grocery story and after a little Internet safari, I am now a member and want to pass some of this on to you:  Take a gander!

Microbe That Makes Fuel from CO2 in the Air!!!!

Now if we can only make sure we don’t have any far-right ostriches who say that it’s all scientific mumbo-jumbo and that if it wasn’t thought of by Moses or Ronald Reagan it can’t exist, we should be alright!  It’s a start….!

Enough of THIS!


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